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What did Apple do in 2013? We evaluate what Apple achieved and ask if it fulfilled the prophesy

Karen Haslam | Dec. 4, 2013
We weren't correct with all our predictions for 2013, but a lot of what we were anticipating at the end of 2012 did see the light of day in 2013

In terms of the Mac, we noted that SSDs were likely to become standard on all MacBooks and predicted the demise of the single remaining non-Retina MacBook Pro - a relic of the hard drive era. This model hasn't been updated in a year, but Apple continues to sell it, at least for now.

We also expected Apple to remain true to its promise to update the Mac Pro, especially since the old Mac Pro was discontinued in Europe in 2013 because it failed to comply with safety regulations. We are sure that we will see a new Mac Pro very soon, with Apple promising a December launch.

We didn't see a MacBook Air with Retina display either. With the recent upgrade to the Retina MacBook range the lack of a Retina display on the Air all the more disappointing.

As for the iPad and iPhone, this time last year we were speculating that an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 could be released as early as spring 2013. Obviously this wasn't the case. We also speculated that Apple could introduce a cheaper iPhone that would help Apple win over the emerging markets of China and India. While Apple did introduce two new iPhones, the cheaper iPhone is not really a cheaper iPhone. However, it does enable Apple to market two new iPhones, rather than one new iPhone and last year's model at a lower price and while reports indicate that the iPhone 5s is outselling the iPhone 5c three to one in the UK, it is likely that Apple is selling a lot more iPhone 5c models that it would have if that phone had remained as last years iPhone 5, rather than being rebranded and repackaged. 


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