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Understanding teens’ digital demands critical to service providers in the Philippines

Adrian M. Reodique | Sept. 14, 2016
Service providers need to develop a new business model to meet the needs of teenagers, who are the next generation of paying customers.

Only 12 percent of teenagers in the Philippines feel that service providers understand their lifestyle and offer services tailored to them.

This is according to the new global study commissioned by Amdocs titled 'A message from your future customer', which highlights the behaviours and expectations of today's teenagers from their service providers.

The study which was conducted by Vanson Bourne and advised by Dr. Raul Redmond, a generational expert and sociologist, surveyed 4,250 teenagers (aged between 15 and 18 years' old) from the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Russia, India, Singapore and the Philippines.

The majority of the polled Filipino teens (61 percent) said they have experienced poor customer service from their providers over the past year, which consequently led them to abandon the brand (42 percent). A third of the respondents also told their family and friends about their bad customer experience from the service provider.

"It's striking that half of today's teens already have a firm opinion as to which service provider they will not use once they have to start paying their own bills," said Hakon Jacobsen, Vice President for Digital at Amdocs, Asia Pacific, in a press release.

"But at the same time, we cannot disregard the immediate impact they have on a service providers' business and brand perceptions, given their influence on parents, who are paying customers, as well as the wider impact on other customers as a result of their prolific use of social media," he continued.

Filipino teens demand consistent Internet connectivity

The survey revealed that more than half of the Filipino respondents (52 percent) believed that their smartphones make them "smarter" and "cooler".

Filipino teens also view internet as one of the necessities in their lifestyle. In fact, majority of the respondents (66 percent) compared being separated from the Internet to being separated from their families. They said separation from internet will also likely make them feel anxious and lonely.

Meanwhile, Filipino teenagers prefer streaming contents such as videos (50 percent), TV (49 percent), and music (40 percent) to downloading them.

With the growing demand for web access, 68 percent of the respondents "strongly believe" that a fast internet connection is a human right.

Harnessing emerging technologies to create new experiences

Aside from their behaviours toward digital things, the survey also indicated the desire of Filipino teenagers to adopt emerging technologies to create new experiences.

The study found that majority of the respondents (62 percent) want interactive services which offer design options they can play with.

The polled teens also expect their service providers to offer them 3D printing technology to create tech accessories (68 percent), and be able to visit abroad using virtual reality (51 percent).


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