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5 video editing apps for Android

JR Raphael | March 10, 2014
For a platform with more than a million apps, it sure is difficult to find a decent video editor on Android.

The lower-third title graphics are functional if not beautiful: You can select from a black or (oddly enough) transparent orange background and can opt to have the graphic appear at the bottom of the screen or floating horizontally in the center. There are no options for changing the face, size or color of the font.

For any graphics beyond that, it's up to you to create them in a separate program and then import them as images; Video Maker Pro Free has no graphic creation tool of its own.

Video Maker Pro Free provides a separate space for a single supplementary audio track, should you wish to add a voice-over or music track to your project. (You can add one or the other — with only a single supplementary track, there is no way to have both at the same time.) The app has no integrated voice recording function, so you're limited to adding in only existing sound files. Once an audio track is added, you can adjust its level as needed to make sure the audio can be heard over any natural sound on your primary video clip.

Video Maker Pro Free is essentially a continuation of the editing software Google abandoned — with little new added into the equation other than some scattered ads. It isn't the most powerful or advanced video editing utility in the world, but if basic editing is all you need, the tried-and-true interface makes it one of the simplest and most usable products on the platform today.

VidTrim (Free with ads; $3.99 ad-free)

VidTrim is less of a full-fledged video editor and more of a collection of tools for basic video manipulation. The app doesn't give you a standard timeline for editing; rather, you just select a video clip from your device and then tap one of a few options available.

Pros: Easy video trimming; able to adjust video size and quality; includes basic one-touch filters

Cons: Limited in functionality; ad-free version is the same price as the more advanced KineMaster Pro app

In short: For users looking to do only the most basic types of video manipulation, VidTrim is a simple way to get the job done.

Tapping a scissor icon opens up the app's Trimmer tool, which gives you a simple slider for selecting a small portion of your clip and trimming it down to only that section. It also allows you to save your selection as an MP3, should that need ever arise.

Tapping a tools icon, meanwhile, gives you the ability to change the video's size and quality. It also allows you to add a supplementary audio track into the clip, though there's no way to fine-tune where exactly the audio will play or how loud it'll be.


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