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6 Things iPhone 6s Plus does that Galaxy S6 edge+ can't

Al Sacco | Oct. 12, 2015
Apple's iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ are two of the hottest 'phablets' available today, and though both smartphones are worthy options for discerning gadget geeks, they have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Here are six ways the iPhone 6s Plus tops the GS6 edge+.

I'm currently switching back and forth between two smartwatches: The Apple Watch and Huawei Watch. While I can use the Huawei Watch with both the GS6 edge+ and the iPhone 6s Plus, the thanks to Google's Android Wear iOS app, the Apple Watch works only with iPhones.

The Apple Watch is more user-friendly and "polished," and as such it spends more time on my wrist than Huawei's digital timepiece. Unfortunately, Apple Watch's incompatibility with the GS6 edge+ dissuades me from using that phone as frequently as my iPhone — which, I'm sure, is exactly the way Apple wants it. 

apple watch with iphone
Credit:  Brian Sacco

I applaud Google for releasing the Android Wear app for iOS, and it sucks that Apple hasn't offered a similar options for Android users. But I'm not surprised. Apple clearly wants the Watch to serve as one more hook into its ecosystem. That's not Samsung's fault, and it probably shouldn't count as a strike against the GS6 edge+ … but for me it does.

Again, this story isn't meant to insinuate that the iPhone 6s Plus would come out on top in a fight with GS6 edge+, which is why I also wrote a counterpoint post, "6 Things Galaxy S6 edge+ does that iPhone 6s Plus can't."


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