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Apple iPhone 5 faces supply constraints as consumer attitude shifts

Jonny Evans | Sept. 3, 2012
If you're one of the thousands of iPhone owners selling their smartphone to make way for the introduction of Apple's new iPhone then you'd better get ready to make your pre-orders as soon as you can, as it seems possible supply will be constrained.

Apple executives may be alarmed at the declining pattern of UK public perception of its flagship smartphone. UK consumers are less likely to recommend the device than they were at the beginning of the year. The good news -- particularly as the company plots its course toward October's iPad mini -- is that the iPad is soaring in perceived value. 

It's clear though that any declining interest in the iPhone is a sour note -- should that impact iPhone 5 demand in the first quarter then Apple will face a huge problem. A problem that may translate into further litigation against the company Apple sees as responsible for limiting its success: Google.

Give peace a chance

With this in mind it is perhaps no surprise that high-level talks between Apple's Tim Cook and Google's Larry Page have begun. Many hope these will be a prelude to a peace accord of some kind, however, on previous form, the discussions could simply be polite chatter before direct war between the two firms.

Any extension of hostilities would be a shame. Ask any General and they will let you know that wars are wasteful of resources and lives, and should only be launched when there is no other solution. The question Apple and Android fans alike should really be asking is, perhaps, not "who is right?", but instead, "Is there a sensible way to settle the dispute?"

Given that most observers expect all sides will eventually sit down and reach cross-licensing agreements to end these battles, surely it's worth all parties engaging in some form of dispute resolution now, rather than later, perhaps then passing the inevitable billions of dollars saving in legal disputes on to a smartphone-hungry public.


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