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Asia leads global iPhone Growth: AdMob

Ross O. Storey | May 27, 2010
Apple iPhones outnumber Google Android devices 3.5 to one worldwide

In the past 12 months, Asia has seen a massive increase in Apple iPhone users, the strongest take-up of Apple devices in the world.

 This is according to the latest April 2010 Metrics Report by mobile advertising network AdMob.

 AdMob stores and analyzes handset and operator data from every ad request in its network of more than 23,000 mobile Web sites and iPhone, Android, webOS, and Flash Lite applications to optimize ad serving. 

 AdMob defines a unique user as an individual device that has sent at least one ad request to the AdMob network in a given month.

 In its report, AdMob highlights the phenomenal success of the iPhone, in a week when Apple's market capitalization overtook Microsoft's for the first time. The milestone happened yesterday afternoon, US time, when the total number of Apple shares was worth US$227 billion compared to Microsoft's total share value of US$226 billion.

 Asia leads

 The AdMob research has found that in the past 12 months, unique iPhone OS device growth was strongest in Asia (474 per cent), followed by Oceania (367 per cent) and Western Europe (269 per cent).    

 According to the report: "iPhone OS devices are more broadly distributed worldwide, but also had its greatest concentration in North America (49 per cent), followed by Western Europe (28 per cent) and Asia (14 per cent)".   

 The top five countries with the highest proportions of unique iPhone OS devices were the United States (44 per cent), United Kingdom (nine per cent), France (six per cent), Canada (five per cent), and Japan (four per cent).

 AdMob's Vice President and Managing Director APLA, Jeff Merkel, was buoyant about the figures.

 "The numbers - both in terms of ad requests and handset data - are very encouraging," said Merkel. "China had the second greatest number of unique Android devices in the AdMob network. There were more Android devices than iPhones in China in April 2010.

 "Over the past 12 months, the iPhone platform has grown faster internationally than in North America."

 In AdMob's network there were 8.7 million unique Android OS devices and 10.7 million unique iPhones in the United States in April 2010. But when non-phone devices running the iPhone OS - the iPod touch and iPad - are included, the unique device number jumps to 18.3 million in the US.

 The report says that 75 per cent of Android OS devices are in North America, compared to 49 per cent of iPhone OS devices.

 Worldwide there were 11.6 million unique Android OS devices, 27.4 million unique iPhones and 40.8 million unique iPhone OS devices.

 Explosive mobile media growth

 AdMob says that: "The report is based on the ad requests we receive from our network of more than 15,000 mobile Web sites and iPhone and Android applications. The data contained in the report is a measure of mobile data usage and does not represent the traditional view of market share based on the number of handsets sold."  


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