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Best Apple Watch apps: 25 fantastic apps you need to download on your Apple Watch

Lewis Painter | Dec. 14, 2015
The Apple Watch has a great selection of third-party apps available.

Best Apple Watch apps: My BMW iRemote

Prepare to go full James Bond with the BMW iRemote app (and a compatible BMW to go with it). BMW lets you check the charge status of your electric BMW and receive a notification when the car is fully charged. The app also allows you to unlock/lock your car door, check the range and remind you of an upcoming service.

The coolest feature of the BMW iRemote is that you can manually adjust the inside temperature straight from your watch. This means that you can set the temperature before you're due to go out and you'll have a lovely and warm car to get into.

FREE | My BMW Remote on the App Store

Best Apple Watch apps: PayByPhone Parking

Returning to your car with a fine on the windshield after forgetting that you'd only bought a ticket for one hour is no doubt one of the biggest "first world problems". The PayByPhone Parking app for the Apple Watch aims to change that by using the app to pay for a ticket and check on the time remaining.

Not good enough yet? You'll also be notified 10 minutes before the ticket expires, where you'll then be faced with a decision of whether to rush back to your car or add more time, directly from your wrist.

FREE | PayByPhone Parking on the App Store

Best Apple Watch apps: Runtastic

The Apple Watch presents a new way to get the most out of Runtastic. All you need to do is take your iPhone with you on a run and Runtastic will display all the information you need on your wrist. It displays speed, distance, duration, pace and how many calories you've burned on your wrist, where it's convenient to check without having to slow down and get your phone out of your pocket.

FREE | Download Runtastic for iOS here.

Best Apple Watch apps: Shazam

"Ah, I know that song but I can't remember what it's called." We've all been in a similar situation and Shazam wants to make it a thing of the past. Shazams Apple Watch app uses your iPhone to listen to what music is playing and display the result directly on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch displays the name of the song and artist as well as lyrics that automatically advance in time with the music. This means that you'll have a portable Karaoke display on your wrist at all times!

FREE | Download Shazam for iOS here.

Best Apple Watch apps: Sky Guide

Sky Guide is an example of one of the more unique apps available on the Apple Watch, which gives you an idea about some of the not-so-obvious uses of the Watch. Sky Guide allows you to see a calendar of upcoming astronomical events (full moon, meteor showers, etc.) and can send you a notification alerting you of an event happening in the skies at your current location.


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