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BYOD policy makes a happy and productive workforce

Anushkar Mohinani | March 23, 2012
A new study shows that productivity gains and employee happiness are tied to modernised IT policies.

A new research has revealed that employees are happier and more efficient when they use devices and applications of their choice at work.

Commissioned by VMWare, the survey-based research was conducted on employees from multinational organisations in 10 countries across Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ).

According to the findings, Thailand (77 percent) and China (75 percent) have the most employees who recognise the benefits of efficiency with the use of personal devices at work. Singapore comes in fifth place with 65 per cent.

Majority of the respondents also claimed to be happier in their role, more productive and found workload less stressful when they could choose their own Web-based applications, indicated the findings. 

Additionally, 58 percent of the respondents stated that they prefer to work for companies with corporate IT policies that permit personal choices of software and devices.

Respondents in South Korea (96 percent), China (94 percent), Thailand (90 percent), Hong Kong (89 percent), Singapore (88 percent) and Malaysia (82 percent) recorded the highest incidence of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to work among the 10 APJ countries surveyed.

The findings further revealed that companies in Australia (79 percent), Singapore (76 percent) and Malaysia (69 percent), among the other countries, are not providing support for personal devices at work.

Additionally, based on the survey, Japan recorded the lowest percentage of personal devices in the workplace (22 percent), and is also one of the most resistant to offering IT support for personal devices (74 percent).


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