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Complete guide to the Music app on iPhone & iPad: How to play, download and manage music in iOS 8

Lou Hattersley | Jan. 27, 2015
The iPhone remains the world's most popular music-playing device. Our complete guide to the Music app has everything you need to know about playing music on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Music is clearly very close to Apple's heart, and every device Apple makes is great for playing audio. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch all have dedicated Music apps, online audio features and pretty decent speakers iOS devices remain the world's best (or at least most popular) music players.

In this feature we're going to gather together all the knowledge we have about playing, managing and storing music on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch: the key tricks and techniques are outlined below, and we've linked to other articles for more specialist and advanced tips.

This guide to iOS music has everything you need to know to get the most out of your audio on an iOS device. So kick back, turn up the speakers and let's find out what there is to know about playing music on an iPhone.

How to use the iOS Music app
Apple ships an app called Music with iOS, and you'll find it on the Home screen of every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Music has a red icon with a musical note, and out of the box (and long afterwards for many users) sits in the Dock at the bottom of the screen for fast access, along with Phone, Mail and Safari.

The tracks are arranged automatically by Artist, Song and Album, and you can manually create Playlists (collections of tracks). Tabs along the bottom of the screen enable you to switch between these different items. A More tab reveals Genres, Compilations and Composers. Tapping the Edit button enables you to re-arrange the tabs on the bottom so Music displays the items you want.

Clicking on an Artist or Album in the list takes you to the tracks from that artist or album, and clicking on an individual song starts to automatically play the song.

If you turn the iPhone horizontally you will see all the songs displayed as album covers. Tap an album to view its tracks, and tap a track to begin playing it.

Controlling music playback in iOS
In vertical mode you can also tap the Now Playing icon to view the album cover art, along with two sliders. The top slider controls the position of the audio, while the bottom slider controls the volume.

Below the album artwork is the name of the song. Tap the song name to switch to stars mode, which enables you to rate each track out of five stars (you can create playlists and sort songs by how highly you rate them).

You also find here traditional media playback controls such as Play/Pause, Next and Previous. Below this are three buttons: Repeat, Create and Shuffle. Tap Repeat to reveal Repeat Song and Repeat Album options. Shuffle randomly chooses songs from the Album, Artist, Playlist or all songs depending on the option you've chosen.


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