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Complete guide to the Music app on iPhone & iPad: How to play, download and manage music in iOS 8

Lou Hattersley | Jan. 27, 2015
The iPhone remains the world's most popular music-playing device. Our complete guide to the Music app has everything you need to know about playing music on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Create reveals an option called Genius Playlist. Tap this to create a playlist of tracks from your music that are similar to the one you are playing. It's a great way to quickly choose a style of music.

Controlling music from the Control Centre
You can also control music in iOS from the Control Centre. At any time in iOS you can drag up from the very bottom of the screen to reveal the currently playing song, and both Playback and Volume sliders (along with Play, Next and Previous buttons).

What alternative music apps are available for iOS?

Music isn't the start and end of music for the iPhone. There are a range of other apps available. Here are some music apps for iOS that it's worth looking at:

Google Play Music Review

Spotify for iOS review

Google Play vs iTunes Match review

How to download music on to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
There are three main ways to get music on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  • Buy music from the iTunes Store. The iTunes Store is a separate app. Here you can buy a wide range of music. Tracks start at 59p and you can often find good deals on albums.
  • Sync music from iTunes on a Mac or PC. If you have a collection of music in iTunes for a Mac or PC, then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer (using the Lightning to USB Cable) and choose the device by clicking its icon in the iTunes menu bar. Choose Music in the sidebar and select the Sync Music option. You can choose to sync your entire music library or individual tracks, albums, artists or playlists. Click Sync when you are ready.
  • iTunes Match. This is a service offered by Apple for a fee (currently £21.99 per year). With iTunes Match all of your music on all of your Macs is matched against the tracks in the iTunes Store (or uploaded to iCloud). You can then stream, or download wirelessly all of your music on any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (or any other Mac) using the same Apple ID and iCloud account.


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