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Free your iPhone or iPad from the tyranny of iTunes syncing

David Daw | Oct. 24, 2011
Previously, one of the great irritations of owning an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch was that you were constantly forced to plug in your phone or tablet to move data from your computer to your device. New features in iOS 5, however, finally allow you to sync all your data without having to go through your computer.

Not a Perfect Solution

All this wireless syncing has some drawbacks, however. For starters, you can't sync your music or videos over Wi-Fi unless you have iTunes open, even with iCloud. Syncing your data wirelessly also takes much longer than the process would if you connected your gadget directly to your computer. If you're syncing only an album or two, you probably won't mind the slower speeds, but if you're regularly switching out gigabytes of music or video, syncing could take hours over a wireless connection.

Clearly Apple hopes to alleviate this problem with iTunes Match, the music streaming service that's set to launch in the next few weeks. Since iTunes Match will let you stream all the music in your library with ease (or so the company promises), users with music collections larger than their device's storage capacity won't need to swap out their music.


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