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How to delete all photos from iPhone

Christopher Minasians | April 8, 2016
Deleting images from an iPhone might seem tedious, but in this guide we'll show you various ways of batch deleting photos.

Deleting individual photos

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Individual Photo

Before going into the batch process of deleting photos, you might be interested to delete an individual photo. To do this, launch the Photos application, tap on the photo you wish to delete and click the trash icon. This will then prompt you to delete the photo before removing it from your device.

As a note, all images which are deleted are then temporarily moved to the Recently Deleted album, which stores your images for 30 days. This was introduced by Apple back with the launch of iOS 8 to safeguard people accidentally deleting their photos. 

Deleting multiple photos in Camera Roll

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Camera Roll

There are various ways to delete multiple photos from your iPhone. Our first method involves deleting images within your Camera Roll and selecting a number of photos to delete.

To perform this, open your Camera Roll and tap the Select option at the top-right hand side of your screen. You'll now be in control of selecting photos you wish to share or delete.

To make your life a little easier you'll be able to tap and drag your finger on the screen which allows you to quickly select which photos you wish to select. This nifty little feature is often overlooked by most, but can be handy when you want to delete a row of photos quickly.

Once you've decided which photos you want to delete, simply hit the trach icon and confirm the deletion of those photos.

Deleting multiple photos by Collections

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Collections

If you've got a set of different collections listed within your Photos app, you can quickly delete photos by navigating to a certain date and batch deleting the photos which are listed.

To do this, go into your Photos app, click on the Photos tab at the bottom left-hand side and then click on one of the collections you wish to delete. From here, you'll be able to select photos taken by a set date and batch delete them with a touch of the trash icon.

Deleting Albums

How to delete all photos from iPhone - Albums

If you've previously created various albums, or have various automatically created albums on your iPhone, then you'll be able to also delete entire albums with ease. Do note that this method will not delete your photos, as they will then be transferred to your Camera Roll.


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