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How to make your phone look and work more like stock Android

Derek Walter | July 15, 2016
Just because your phone doesn't have a Nexus logo doesn't mean it can't work like stock Android.

lock screens

Tweak your lock screen for an optimal experience.

LG lets you place shortcuts on your lockscreen so you can access a preferred app right away. So you can put the same type of access here, going to the Google Phone, Contacts, or Google app so you can get right to your preferred information. Any apps you sideload may vary in their effectiveness, so try it out before you get into a situation where you need to make a quick call but you instead end up throwing your phone at the wall because it’s not launching the dialer.

Know your limits

Finally, it’s worth knowing there’s only so much you can do. You can’t force your carrier or phone manufacturer to upgrade your phone. So when Android Nougat launches a little later this year, you may just have to be patient or decide now is finally the time to buy a Nexus device. 

The bottom line is there are several ways to get close to what you’d experience with a Nexus phone. Of course this won’t solve the gap in software updates or the other benefits that come from the Nexus line, but a near-stock experience may be enough when paired up with a phone you really like.


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