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Info workers increase tablet demand in Asia Pacific

Anuradha Shukla | Sept. 4, 2012
Population of information workers in Asia Pacific was 241 million in 2011: Forrester report

An increase in the population of information workers in Asia Pacific is set to increase the demand for tablets as per a new Forrester report that notes the population of information workers in Asia Pacific to be 241 million in 2011.

The report predicts this number to grow globally to 865 million by 2016 increasing the demand of tablets by information workers who are 1.5 to four times more likely to own a tablet, than an individual who is not an information worker.

The number of information workers is expected to grow by 2016 at a rate of 13 percent annually. Out of the 241 million information workers in Asia Pacific, two million were in Hong Kong, 2.5 million in Singapore and 148 million in China.

Forrester defines the information worker population as employees who use an Internet-connected computing device for work for an hour or more per day.

The research firm notes that these workers are slowly erasing the boundaries between the enterprise and consumer by intensively leveraging computing technologies and services.

More sales in growth markets

Forrester says that information workers in many growth markets such as China, India, and Hong Kong are more likely to own a tablet than those in the developed countries.

Seventy percent of firms surveyed issue both a laptop and smartphone to executives and about 52 percent of info workers across 17 countries use three or more devices for work, including personal ones.

Information workers today are leading adopters of new technology and behaviours and many of them don't even try to separate work from their personal lives.

They blend work and personal in 66 percent of the software they use and take care of personal chores during quick work breaks.

Fifty-three percent of global info workers agreed that they use their own PC or smartphone for work and 21 percent use an Apple product for work.


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