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iOS 9 release date rumours: iOS 9 'already being publicly tested'

David Price | Jan. 30, 2015
iOS 8 has been with us for a couple of months, but we're already thinking about iOS 9. When will it come out, what features will it offer and which iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices will it run on?

(Yes, as we pointed out at the time, you can install iOS 8 on to iTunes and get around the storage requirements that way. But not everyone, unbelievably, reads Macworld; and not everyone who owns an iPhone or iPad also owns a Mac or PC.)

iOS 9 features wishlist: 13. Calculator on iPad

A small complaint, again from our colleague Jim Martin.

iPads, for some inexplicable reason, don't get the Calculator app, which is a perfectly useful thing to have (particularly since it sits in Control Centre on the iPhone). It would be nice for iPad owners to get the same feature.

iOS 9 features wishlist: 14. iMessage improvements

There are plenty of ways iMessage could get better. For one thing, it would be convenient to be able to tell Messages to always (by default) send messages as a text rather than an iMessage if the signal is bad. At the moment you have to wait for a message not to send before you can tap and select Send as Text, and that's pretty frustrating.

We'd also like to be able to set up groups for messages - and even better if you could alter those in the group list from time to time, perhaps updating it to add new friends or colleagues.

iOS 9 features wishlist: 15. Mail improvements

And Mail isn't perfect at handling groups either - it should be much, much simpler to emails a select group.

iOS 9 features wishlist: 16. Wider social-media integration

Apple has allowed select social-media partners into the fold (sometimes it's hard to escape the feeling that these decisions are made with one eye on the political ramifications: what the partner can offer in return, and how it will affect Apple's direct rivals). But there are plenty of popular companies that don't make it into the default sharing pane.

iOS 9 wishlist: Sharing pane

Vine is an obvious absentee from the sharing options from a video in Photos, but we really ought to be able to customise the list of options.

iOS 9 features wishlist: 17. Public transport directions in Apple Maps

Simple, really: Apple Maps is playing catch-up with Google Maps in a few areas, but the most notable and important is public transport directions.

Google Maps can offer advice on which bus will take you where you want to go: where to board, and what time the bus will arrive. It does the same for train journeys. Apple Maps... can't do these things, and it's about time it did.

iOS 9 features wishlist: 18. Improved integration between Contacts and Facebook

Contacts' ability to scrape contact information and images from Facebook can be quite handy, but it can also create headaches and muddled-up data. It's a process that could do with a bit of a spring-clean: to help avoid duplicated contacts, for one thing, and to neaten the whole thing up.


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