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iOS 9 release date rumours: iOS 9 'already being publicly tested'

David Price | Jan. 30, 2015
iOS 8 has been with us for a couple of months, but we're already thinking about iOS 9. When will it come out, what features will it offer and which iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices will it run on?

iOS 9 features wishlist: 19. A better, easier Photos app

We're pretty sure this will get sorted in iOS 9, but it's still worth mentioning. Let's put it this way: Photos isn't the most user-friendly it's ever been.

Try creating an album and adding photos to it: you'll find them in both the camera roll and the photo stream. Neat-freaks (like us) who try to tidy them up by deleting them from the camera roll will find that they are promptly removed from the album.

We'd like iOS 9 to incorporate a Photos app that doesn't involve so much duplication, and is generally a bit easier to use.

iOS 9 features wishlist: 20. Subfolders

I use folders a lot: my first screen is mostly single app icons, but the second one is almost entirely folders. This is how I keep it to two screens.

But without wishing to overcomplicate matters, I'd love to be able to set up folders within folders. Take my big Games folder, for instance: this would benefit from subfolders for RPGs, driving games and so on.

iOS 9 wishlist: Subfolders

It's not very Apple, and not very 'mobile' either - but it would help those of us with lots and lots of apps.


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