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iWatch could bring $2.3bn a year to Apple, but may be a 'grave mistake'

Karen Haslam | March 25, 2013
Analyst thinks iWatch could be good revenue stream for Apple, reports suggest that it might not have the kudos necessary.

The shortcomings were the need to regularly recharge the battery; daily syncing requirements; earphone cable issues; and the fact that "it just could not tell the time" The clock face wasn't always on, he explained, noting: "Having to turn on your watch to tell the time sort of defeats the purpose of placing it on your wrist in the first place."

In defence of Google Glass

On another matter of wearable technology, Mashable is defending the Google Glasses from the privacy advocates in an article entitled: "I, for One, Welcome Our Google Glass-Wearing Cyborg Overlords". The article suggests that

"Heaven forbid that here, in the 2010s, jetpack-less and flying car-free, we might actually gain an item of personal gear that looks the teensiest bit futuristic".

If Google Glass is successful we'll all be on camera 24 hours a day as we become Google's eyes and ears on the world. This is likely to cause privacy concerns. In fact a Seattle cafe has already announced that anyone wearing Glass will be banned from the establishment.


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