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Jump directly from your camera app to Google Photos with new shortcut

Derek Walter | Jan. 20, 2016
The update ties Google's photo service more tightly to your smartphone camera app.

google photos
Credit: Derek Walter

Google Photos has a new feature that makes it easier to hop over and see your latest images directly from the camera.

Several sites like Droid Life are reporting there’s a new Assistant card in Google Photos that offers to place a tiny shortcut button in your camera app.

google photos link 
Look for the new capability in the Assistant section of Google Photos. Credit: Droid Life

If you activate it, you’ll be able to view a new picture right inside of  Google Photos by tapping the shortcut.

google photos button 
The tiny Google Photos button will take you directly to your gallery. Credit: Android Headlines

It’s unclear if the new feature is tied directly to an app update or has been enabled only for some users with a sever-side switch, but it couldn’t hurt to have the latest version of the Google Photos app.

Why this matters: Nexus phones generally don’t need the feature, as you can go directly to Photos without such a button (though it looks like you may get the option anyway). But this could help out those who use a Samsung, LG, or other device that ties the camera directly to a different default gallery app. The implementation does appear a little awkward, but at least for now it gives you faster access to see your recent shots in Google Photos.


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