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Keep malware off your Android phone: 5 quick tips

Armando Rodriguez | March 3, 2011
As the list of infected Android apps grows, here is our advice on how to protect your Android smartphone from malware.

Infected apps list compiled under the developer name "we20090202":

    • Advanced Sound Manager
    • Basketball Shot Now
    • Bubble Shoot
    • Color Blindness Test
    • Finger Race
    • Funny Face
    • Magic Hypnotic Spiral
    • Omok Five in a Row
    • Piano
    • Quick Delete Contacts
    • Quick Notes
    • Super Sexy Ringtones
    • Tie a Tie

Also on the lists are the foreign language apps shown at left.

Lookout Mobile Security, which provides security software for mobile phones, posted a list of 56 Android applications on its blog that have been infected with DroidDream, a new type of Android malware that roots your phone and gains access to as much personal information as it can. The apps also can open a back door, allowing more executable code to be downloaded to your phone without you being aware of it.
A few of these apps have already been downloaded by at least 50,000 users, making this one of the most widespread cases of Android malware to date. While the apps have been pulled from the Android Market, Google is investigating them and has not yet moved to wipe them remotely from people's phones.

Lookout has issued an update to its mobile security software. It also advises that if you have downloaded any of these apps, to run its malware scanner and to e-mail the Lookout support center. Mashable (who earlier today posted a list of infected appscomplied by Myournet) suggested returning your phone to your carrier as your data and security may be compromised.
With more and more malware emerging for the platform every day, Android users would do well to be more careful and pay more attention to what happens on their phones. You have to remember that smartphones are essentially computers, and all computers are vulnerable to attack by malicious software.


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