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Lenovo Thinkcentre X1 review: All-in-one design done right

Jon L. Jacobi | July 18, 2016
Sleek, minimal, and quick are how an all-in-one should be.

One more plus for the Thinkcentre: The user’s guide shows you how to repair and upgrade the X1, which is quite easy. I’m little tired of vendors who say there are no user-serviceable parts when a mere half-dozen screws would allow access. Kudos to Lenovo.


To be perfectly honest, I’d like to see Lenovo take the outstanding basic Thinkcentre X1 design and realize it to the max: a 4K UHD display, a PCIe-NVMe SSD, Type C USB 3.1, and...a red (not yellow) always-on USB port.

As it stands, however, 1080p is all most users need. The Thinkcentre X1 is easily fast enough, and forking over one $1,000 bill (instead of two) for a computer is more in line with the average budget. So let’s forget the wish list and just say that if you’re looking for a solid-performing, exceptionally well-designed all-in-one, this machine should be your starting point.  And probably ending point.


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