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Making it One

F.Y. Teng | May 27, 2010
In its drive to transform data centre economics and experience, Juniper Networks rolls out a whole host of solution offerings, backed by its high-performance networking technologies and expertise, and further bolstered by stellar partners such as VMWare and IBM. Asia Pacific Enterprise Architect Greg Bunt explains how Juniper is going to reduce the complexities of data centre networking economics.

In the past, you had a silo for security, a management silo for networking, and another one for storage...If were going to gain the efficiencies of all of these technologies, we need to have a consolidated network management system and provisioning system. Ultimately, this will lead to a single layer in the data centre, which we term the data centre fabric.

A lot of the networks today, we could build them with single layers, and thats where the products we announced today come in as building blocks.

But keeping this discussion at a high level, the whole idea is to get the number of layers within your network down to as few as possible. One would be perfect. And this is todays discussion, the announcements are around helping our customers make the transition from 3- to 2-tier, and making available the hardware, software and services to help you do that. And if you are already at two, then we can talk about how you start to move towards having one layer within the network, so its a single fabric.

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