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Networking is exploding in Asia: Brocade

Zafar Anjum | Feb. 22, 2010
Networking is exploding in Asia, says Marc Randall, Senior Vice President, Products and Offerings, Brocade, in an exclusive interview to MIS Asia.
How has your company coped with the financial crisis in the last two years?

It has been a challenging period for everybody, but at the same time it opened a whole host of opportunities as well. At Brocade we utilized the period to grow into new markets. We also got into the IP space by acquiring Foundry Networks. With the acquisition of Foundry Networks, Brocade was now able to offer unprecedented choice and flexibility by providing a comprehensive family of end-to-end networking solutions for the data center and beyond. The last two years have also seen customers become more demanding. They want value for money in terms of technology, support and services. And at Brocade we have used this to our advantage and scaled up our offerings.

Data security has emerged as one of the greatest threats for enterprises. How does Brocade ensure the integrity of the network?

Security is becoming a key issue for enterprises and personal users as well. As the world becomes more mobile and access to internet free the challenge for maintaining security and integrity of networks is going to grow. At Brocade we tackle security at two different levels. One is within our system which is basically the infrastructure and the other is through establishing broad partnerships with leading security vendors. By enabling this two tier approach and the interoperability that we provide in our networks we are able to make our users feel secure. Brocade ensures the integrity of the network through multiple stages of security and ensuring that the infrastructure and end user data transport are secure.

Ten years into the new century, how do you see the networks evolving in the next ten years?

It is sometimes difficult to crystal ball gaze into how technology would evolve. But with regards to networks, it is quite clear that the next decade is going to witness the integration of infrastructure. Mobility is going to be the key and your profile and applications need to go wherever you go. Applications will be more aware of the network and alongwith networks application mobility will be the main driver

How about the outsourcing of networks? Do you think it is going to trend up?

Yes, I definitely agree that the trend of outsourcing of networks is going to go up. There will essentially be three different levels of networks private clouds (within the organization), public clouds (driven by providers of software as a service) and a hybrid cloud ( capacity on demand). Organisations will tend to have their Tier I applications on the internal network while others will be outsourced. However, from a user perspective the outsourcing will be seamless and mobile so that irrespective of what you want to access and where it resides it will be available without any differentiated downtime. This, of course, will be largely dependant on the IP bandwidth that is available.

How do you see the growth of networking in Asia and how is Brocade poised to benefit from the opportunities here?

Networking is exploding in Asia. Broadband is growing faster in Asia that in the US. Also applications are becoming robust and the infrastructure needs to be larger and stronger. Most emerging economies of Asia are building up their broadband networks. Brocade has traditionally worked with all these service providers on their data centers. But now the need for application mobility puts a lot of pressure on networks. All this is changing the paradigm where the Ethernet is growing and beginning to resemble the fibre because of the Fibre Channel Over Ethernet. Also customers are looking for more choice and the total cost of ownership is becoming critical. These areas are where Brocade has a distinct advantage, particularly in view of the acquisition of Foundry Networks early last year.  Its an opportunity for Brocade and we are more than geared up to take advantage of the emerging scenario.


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