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No more fixed models!

F Y Teng | Aug. 28, 2009
Infrastructures have to evolve in synch with the businesses they power, according to industry veteran.

The awareness among enterprises that their approach to IT is essential to their business success is the biggest challenge.

Those institutions that have already made this connection will be tomorrows frontrunners. Those who come late to this realisation do so at their peril in terms of their ability to meet their core business mission.

In a sense, it is a challenge common to all business and can be typified by some simple questions. Such as: Will my business increase its reliance on IT systems? Will I be exposed to uncertainties in my core market? Will I want to make a return on my IT investments?

The need for quality, efficient and best cost services will guide business leaders in how they answer these questions and make their IT choices.   

How is your company responding to current market conditions?

Our approach to IT Infrastructure is to design solutions based on our customers unique needs. That sounds obvious, but many vendors take the approach of selling a box versus solving a problem.

This is a key reason why Emerson takes a holistic view of the data centre when we go about analysing a customers issues and at the same time creating the solution the customer needs.

Decisions made in isolation will inevitably lead to failure. Cross functional business teams need to be involved in IT project formulation and deployment. These and having a vendor such as Emerson, who looks for a holistic view of the challenge, are the way to ensuring success.

An example of what I am talking about is our Data Centre Environment Assessment (DCEA) service. This service determines any needed improvements by exploring first the customers current data centre operations and future plans. Afterwards, we then identify and resolve existing and potential power, cooling and design vulnerabilities that could adversely affect that data centres operational performance, availability and energy efficiency.

After the audit, we provide clients a comprehensive report that shows points of failure and any potential power issues. Further, we provide specific recommendations for improvement that can be used to protect IT investment, advance air flow and reduce heat within the data centre.

Do you expect your business in Singapore and Malaysia to grow, particularly in the areas of research and development (R&), services delivery, sales and channel development?

We continue to invest in R&D. We have a unique depth and scale in our R&D and manufacturing across Asia, which makes us a genuine single source for IT and telecommunications optimised solutions that cover the assurance of excellent power quality, optimised cooling, superior enclosures, and round-the-clock service delivery monitoring and management.

On the customer services front, Emerson continues to extend its reach now in 12 countries with more than 350 customer engineers. We have the industrys most experienced service associates and factory-trained engineers, who can provide high level onsite technical support. Furthermore, were equipped with multi-tiered parts availability.


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