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Paper: FiftyThree's sketching app gets iOS 7 update, dots, and brush sizes

Serenity Caldwell | March 14, 2014
I'm a big fan of FiftyThree's Paper app for free-form sketching, drawing, and even note-taking. You can do quite a lot with this relatively simplistic drawing program, and I've been using it as my primary doodle pad for quite some time.

The other size-based tweak is the introduction of dot sizes to the Draw and Eraser tools. By pressing down on the canvas with either tool, you can now make up to six different sizes of dots; an immediate press will get you the smallest of dots, and adding (roughly) a quarter of a second will get you each subsequent size. It's sometimes a tad difficult to create the size you want on your first try, but that's where Paper's Rewind tool (the app's version of undo) comes in handy.

As a whole, Paper continues its reign as one of the best programs out there for natural-looking digital journals. FiftyThree's steadfast commitment to emulating real-world tools and its reticence to throw menus everywhere may frustrate me on occasion, but its resulting innovations are often much better than the digital features we're used to. (Rewind is a great example: At first, I missed the undo button; now it's a tool I wish was in all my drawing programs.) The company has taken the slow and steady route of improving and adding features to its app, and I appreciate the care and finesse that's gone into the end product.

Now if Paper would only offer vertical journals for the iPad mini in version 2.0 ...


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