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RFID's new utility in the datacentre

Ephraim Schwartz | Aug. 21, 2008
More broadly, the use of RFID is helping service companies meet their service-level agreements (SLAs) when managing IT assets for their customers.

Changes in technology let RFID work in IT

RFID's uses within IT weren't possible about a year ago. But three developments have made RFID better fit the IT environment. One, the tags can be much smaller than before -- some can even fit inside a pill to be swallowed for medical uses. Two, tags' radios can now transmit in metallic environments such as datacentres. Previously, all that metal reflected the radio signals so much that the signals got distorted, Kingston notes. Three, newer tags can reflect signals back as far as 100 feet away from the reader, making the readers easier to deploy and the tag counts more accurate. Companies such as Alien Technology and Omni ID have pioneered these advances.

For IT, these advances mean that tags can be placed inside the server rack on individual blades and that the tag data can be read without pulling out the racks. Even individual drives can be tagged and read as a rack enters the server room still in its box, notes Victor Vega, director of marketing at Alien.


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