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Ruckus solutions address demand for more wi-fi access

Veronica C. Silva | Oct. 19, 2011
New controller and updated software can accommodate more wi-fi users in the network.

With more mobile users connecting to the wireless local area network (WLAN), Ruckus Wireless is offering solutions that can support more wireless users over a larger space.

Ruckus recently introduced the ZoneDirector 5000 WLAN controller and a new version of its ZoneFlex software to help organisations accommodate more wireless users, particularly in densely populated areas.

Ruckus noted that the demand for wireless capacity and speed has dramatically increased in recent years as wi-fi-enabled mobile devices continue to grow in numbers. Ruckus' answer to this demand is the ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi system that makes it easy for organisations to add hardware and software capabilities to their existing network when demand comes.

Part of the Smart Wi-Fi system is the new ZoneDirector 5000, which Ruckus claims is the industry's first controller-based system. It is flexible enough to be deployed either in-line, or out of the data path, and supports up to 20,000 clients, 1,000 access points (APs), and 2,048 WLANs within a single, easy-to-use platform.

Ruckus is recommending the ZoneDirector 5000 Smart WLAN controller for largescale wireless implementations such as hotels, schools, hospitals and managed service environments. The controller's dual/hot-swappable AC/DC power supplies and fans make the controller resilient.

Software upgrade

Supporting the ZoneDirector 5000 is new version 9.2 of the ZoneFlex Smart/OS software system. The software has been enhanced to support access points in bulk configuration but with simplified WLAN administration. It also supports IPv6 and features Ethernet port security to guard users against unauthorised network access through access points installed in public areas.

"Given the unstoppable move to mobile Internet devices and applications, dealing with user density and scalability is quickly becoming a point of contention for enterprises and service providers," said Selina Lo, president and CEO, Ruckus Wireless. "Ruckus is tackling this problem by combining patented adaptive antenna technology that enables more consistent performance and client connectivity, with a powerful new hardware platform and software enhancements that take away the complexity historically associated with managing a largescale wi-fi infrastructure."

Ruckus has also increased the client capacity of its ZoneFlex dual-band 802.11n access points to support 256 concurrent clients per AP at 256 clients per radio. Ruckus said this solution is fit for high-capacity, dense user environments where reliable wi-fi services and extended coverage are essential.

The software in Ruckus access points has also been enhanced to support remote wireless packet capture for troubleshooting and network analysis.


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