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Security Manager's Journal: Security flaw shakes faith in Apple mobile devices

J.F. Rice | March 7, 2014
And without remote management, getting patches onto devices scattered throughout the organisation is hit or miss.

Still another challenge is that, to maintain security, we are forced to change the user experience. Several of my company's Apple users had not yet upgraded to iOS Version 7, which has an entirely new interface that requires some learning to be usable. Now, as with computer operating systems, the latest version is the most secure. So I had to get my people on Version 7 for security reasons, without regard to how it will affect their productivity. And I had to do it in a hurry, without proper evaluation and time to create training materials and assist the stragglers with getting up to speed. To me, this is an eerie reminder that we can't stay on any one platform forever -- as with Windows XP, whose support expires this April. That means no more security patches will be released, and security flaws in XP will accumulate from that point forward. And with only two months left, we are not ready. Seems like we're always chasing the tail of the tiger.


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