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Seven apps we want to see on Apple TV: The best iOS apps ready for the Apple TV

Lewis Painter | May 25, 2015
There are rumours of a redesigned Apple TV complete with its own App Store making an appearance at Apple's WWDC 2015 event in June, and it's a redesign we welcome as the Apple TV has been neglected in recent years. After much debate, we've decided on seven apps that we would love to see supported on the Apple TV.

Seven apps we want to see on Apple TV: Dark Sky

The audience for Dark Sky on the Apple TV is limited, we grant you that, but it'd still be a fantastic app to have. Dark Sky shows satellite images of rainclouds on a world map so you can see if there are any potential showers coming in your direction. You can also scrub forwards and backwards in time to see what the weather will be like in the coming hours/days, and we think it'd look gorgeous on a TV. Think of it as a personalised weather report, telling you when it's due to start raining in your area.

As well as displaying satellite images, it also gives you a breakdown of the weather over the next 24 hours as well as predictions for the following seven days and a graph displaying the highs and lows temperature wise. It also notifies you when it's due to start raining (which comes in handy pretty often) so if Apple did integrate some kind of notification system into the Apple TV like we suggest, it could notify you of the weather while watching your favourite TV show.

Seven apps we want to see on Apple TV: Spotify

iTunes has always been an integral part of the Apple TV, where you can browse and play your complete library of music if you use iTunes Match or have set up home sharing on your network. A lot of people tend to use the Apple TV for this reason, as a home cinema system usually sounds better than standard computer/phone speakers. And even if you haven't set up iTunes Match/home sharing, the option is there to AirPlay music from your iPhone to the Apple TV - but what about users of third party streaming services, such as Spotify?

Sure, you can go on your iPhone and AirPlay music via the Spotify app, but we'd love to see some kind of Spotify client for the Apple TV where you can browse your playlists, radio stations and podcasts (thanks to the latest Spotify update) and play them without having to use your iPhone and drain its battery.

Come to think of it, why isn't this available on the Apple Watch? C'mon Spotify! Spotify for Apple TV could also support Spotify Connect, allowing you to browse your playlist on your Apple TV via a remote, or control it via your iPhone.

Seven apps we want to see on Apple TV: iMovie

We'd assume that a new Apple TV would be using one of Apple's chipsets, possibly an even unannounced A9 chip. If this is the case, it could possibly turn the Apple TV into an editing suite for budding filmmakers that want to use Apple's own iMovie. iMovie is great piece of software to get into the world of video editing, but it can be a bit frustrating to use on an iPhone.


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