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Seven apps we want to see on Apple TV: The best iOS apps ready for the Apple TV

Lewis Painter | May 25, 2015
There are rumours of a redesigned Apple TV complete with its own App Store making an appearance at Apple's WWDC 2015 event in June, and it's a redesign we welcome as the Apple TV has been neglected in recent years. After much debate, we've decided on seven apps that we would love to see supported on the Apple TV.

The iPad experience is better, but we think the best experience would be on a regular size TV where you can really see the footage you've shot, and see what it'd look like on a TV. Apple could even choose to go one step further and design a different version of iMovie for the Apple TV, possibly supporting Bluetooth mouse/keyboard input for ease of use.

It'd also make the editing process a bit easier, as the UI would be easier to navigate and you could finely trim your clips better than you could on a small screen. Additionally, it'd make showing friends and family your project a lot easier, as it'd be on screen and ready to play at the push of a button.

Seven apps we want to see on Apple TV: Thunderspace

Thunderspace is one of our favourite apps on the App Store, and is one that we use almost every day. Thunderspace is a sleep aid that uses stereoscopic sound and headphones to place you in the middle of a thunderstorm. You'll hear the rain around you, thunder rumbling above you and the wind howling, and if that's not your thing then there are other clips available, even one simulating being inside a car when raining.

Another word for stereoscopic sound is 3D sound, which allows you to detect different sounds from different directions and paint a mental image of the world around you. When using stereo headphones, you're fooled into thinking that you're in a thunderstorm - even if you're in bed. It was a surreal experience when we first tried the app, one that we hadn't experienced in any other white noise app. The storms were all recorded by Emmy-award winning sound recordist Gordon Hempton, who has recorded sounds of nature for over 20 years.

We'd love Thunderspace to come to the Apple TV, even if the developers have warned that it may sound different if being played via a home surround system. It may sound slightly different, but many people find it uncomfortable to sleep with headphones/earphones on so it's an acceptable compromise to make. Thunderspace uses your iPhone's LED to simulate flashes of lightning in time with the sound you're listening to, so imagine the same effect but with a TV being used, flashing bright white whenever there's lightning.


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