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Sorry, kids, the oldsters are moving in on Snapchat

Sharon Gaudin | July 7, 2016
With Snapchat graying, will younger users move on to next big social app?

Lenses, a funky filter option for Snapchat users, also has received wide media attention.

“This has been one of the keys to Snapchat’s success: equipping users with the tools to create engaging content, which produces more content for others in the network to consume,” wrote Lella. “And the more available content, the more potential it has to appeal to a broader audience with a wider array of interests.”

Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst, said it’s a natural progression for Snapchat’s user base to change.

“I think Snapchat would prefer to stay hot with the youth, but every technology has a lifecycle,” he said. “Remember, every Osmond eventually turns into a Donny and Marie. They’re still marketable, but to different age groups.”

What will this mean to Facebook and Twitter?

Will teens and 20-somethings, potentially unhappy about older users invading their social space, turn to Facebook, or will they go after the next big social app?

According to Enderle, any users leaving Snapchat will be unlikely to migrate to Facebook because they’d find the same issue there – older users.

“I think they are likely to pick Door Number 3, or an as yet unidentified service that expressly caters to them,” he said.

Other social networks or developing networks should take note.

“This is a real opportunity for the next, hot social site to jump in and win market share quickly,” Kagan said. “The question as always is, what is the next big social site that will take over from Snapchat?”


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