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Spotty Android encryption is the story behind the story of Apple’s battle with the FBI

Macworld Staff | June 22, 2016
Google CEO Sundar Pichai voiced his support for Apple and for strong and safe encryption, but he didn’t give specifics on how Google would deal with this situation if it were in Apple’s shoes.

Android security boss Adrian Ludwig fired back, saying Google cannot access any device protected with a PIN, password, or fingerprint. "Google also does not have any mechanism to facilitate access to devices that have been encrypted," he says.

Shut the back door

But could Ludwig's claim be put to the test sooner rather than later? We know the San Bernardino case was never about just one iPhone or Apple. As Fight for the Future's Greer reminds us, it's about the FBI's desire to set a "dangerous precedent" that would be felt for years to come. Enabling end-to-end encryption for all users is just one way of ensuring this doesn't happen.

"Assuming Android improves their security and become harder to hack, it's not a question of if the US or other governments will try to force them to weaken that security," says Greer. "It's a question of when."

Source: Macworld AU 


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