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Ten things I'm happy Apple is fixing in iOS 7

Serenity Caldwell | June 17, 2013
Associate editor Serenity Caldwell loves her current iPhone and iOS 6, but features can always be improved. As such, here are ten things she's thrilled to see coming in iOS 7.

Even more Multi-Touch gestures
I've long wished for more iPhone Multi-Touch gestures to match my iPad and Mac's capabilities. Four finger swipes seem a bit crazy on the iPhone, but there are plenty of other gestures to add functionality. And while Apple didn't include my most wished-for gesture (one for opening the multitasking bar on the iPhone), there are new swipes abound in iOS 7.

You can swipe upward to access Control Center. Swipe to the right to go back hierarchically. Pull down from the center to access the search screen. Swipe up on an app in the multitasking screen to force-quit it. Many of these gestures we've seen in third-party apps, and I'm very happy to see them come to the iPhone in the fall.

Mail search will actually work (we hope)
Oh, mobile mail search. The bane of my existence—and, I imagine, many an email-laden worker. Apple's Mail app has been limited to searching solely in the mailbox you're occupying for as long as I've had an iPhone, and for someone who has a lot of folders and organizational tics (yours truly), it makes finding messages almost impossible.

iOS 7, in contrast, looks to finally end our long national nightmare by letting us search all mailboxes from any mail screen—whether it's our inbox or three levels down in a "coupons" folder. It's a feature I'm eagerly awaiting—though I suppose it means I can no longer use the excuse "I'm on my iPhone and I can't find that email with the information you need" when I'm not at work.

Thieves, beware
It looked as if senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi tossed in Activation Lock at the end of the iOS 7 presentation almost as an afterthought—but it's clear Apple's very proud of its new theft deterrent. Activation Lock prevents would-be iPhone thieves from wiping and reselling your phone by first requiring your iCloud username and password to unlock it.

I lost my phone once last year, and that experience (coupled with a few close calls from sketchy characters in major metropolitan cities) makes me incredibly grateful for any extra security measures Apple can implement. We keep so much important, private data on our phones these days that it's vital to have efficient protection from thieves and would-be snoopers, and I'm glad to see the company taking an interest in these matters.


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