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What would make the Apple Watch 2 compelling?

Dan Moren | Jan. 27, 2016

Speed bump

The other improvement being bandied about is a bump to the Apple Watch's internals. That's about par for the course for Apple products, which all get regular improvements in speed and processing power. The inclusion of the S1 chip in the Apple Watch would seem to point clearly to an eventual S2.

And that is great. Such an update would hopefully fix my number one complaint about the Apple Watch: that it's sluggish and slow, especially where apps are involved - enough so that it's almost always faster to pull out my phone instead.

14. apple watch dictation

This fits a sort of pattern. There have definitely been first-generation Apple products that push the envelope perhaps a little too far - the original MacBook Air, for example - and then get course-corrected back to something a little more reasonable. Perhaps the original Apple Watch was more prototype than mass market product, and the second version will deliver on what we expected from its predecessor.

But is that enough to merit an upgrade? Were I to go out and buy a next-generation Apple Watch, it would probably require me to sell my existing Apple Watch - and who's going to want a slower first-generation model when the 'real' one is on its way? (Such are the first-world problems of the early adopter. I know: there's not a dry eye among you.)

Run for your life

So if not a camera or a processor bump, what's the compelling argument for a new Apple Watch? I think the key is going to be building on the elements of the Watch that have proved the most successful. The Apple Watch's built-in sensors and its integrated health and fitness features are great, and more importantly they're things that you can't get on your iPhone.

To me, apps have been a sideshow, in large part because of their poor performance, but also because they duplicate features I can get elsewhere. The Apple Watch may be dependent on your phone for its internet connection, but it still needs to be a compelling device in and of itself - right now, it's more of an accessory.

It's a tall order, and the Apple Watch 2 will be even more closely scrutinised than the original model. It has to prove that the device is on an improvement trajectory and it won't get the same passes that the original did for being a first-generation product. Even more than the first Apple Watch, any new model will have to earn a spot on our wrists.

Source: Macworld AU 


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