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Why you won't see a U.S.-made iPhone any time soon

Bill Snyder | July 1, 2016
Despite political bluster from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, it's simply not possible for Apple to build the iPhone in the United States, and even if it could be done, the change would add $100 to the phone's price, according to new research.

Such a substantial price hike would undermine Apple's competitive position in the global smartphone market. Charging an extra $100 would devastate iPhone sales, and Apple simply wouldn't take such a hit.

Developing and manufacturing complex electronics is a global enterprise, and it's far too late in the game to change that. It would be great some easy fix existed for issue of calamitous loss of domestic manufacturing jobs. But there isn't one. The next time you hear a politician bluster and shake his fist at Apple, remember just how complex the modern world really is.

Source: Infoworld


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