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Fortinet to better support Yahoo’s GYAO! video delivery service

Nurdianah Md Nur | Jan. 15, 2016
GYAO! implemented five Fortinet-3700D units to ensure its performance, stability and reliability while dealing with growing video traffic volume.

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Credit: GYAO!'s Facebook

Yahoo! JAPAN has deployed Fortinet's FortiGate-3700D high-speed, ultra-low data centre firewall to increase the security and performance of its subsidiary GYAO!'s video delivery network infrastructure.

GYAO! provides free video content including movies, TV series, animated features, variety shows, documentaries, sports programming and music videos in Japan. Its content is delivered from data centres in Kanto and Kansai, which are required to handle 1 million requests per second and 800Gbps traffic. To prevent bottlenecks at either of these Internet connection points due to consumers' increasing demand for mobile viewing, GYAO!'s firewalls needed to offer high speeds and high processing capacities in addition to robust security features.

There were five major firewall requirements that Yahoo! JAPAN thoroughly evaluated: adding new sessions, the ability to acquire logs without loss, the ability to integrate the network using 40Gbps interfaces, high availability and low power consumption, and appliance footprint to ensure the best economy in data centre performance.

After much evaluation, five FortiGate-3700D units were deployed in each of the data centres in Kato and Kansai last May. Yahoo! JAPAN used its 40GbE (four ports) and 10GbE (28 ports) interfaces to provide two 40GbE uplink ports and eight 10GbE downlink ports, meeting the firewall requirement for network integration using 40Gbps interfaces.

With the new infrastructure in place, GYAO! will expand to provide even more fresh, high-quality content to its users. It will also enable Yahoo! JAPAN to continue to expand its Internet video distribution market, one of Yahoo!'s core business areas

"We wanted a stable and reliable infrastructure for GYAO! that will enable it to process immense access volume without interruption," said Shinji Yoshinaga, Senior Manager, Network Security, Infrastructure Engineering Department, Site Operations Division, Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation. "More than six months have passed since the FortiGate-3700Ds went into full operation and they have exceeded our expectations. The appliances can handle large volumes of content files and sessions without consuming excess resources, and operation remains stable even under heavy traffic."


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