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10 security startups to watch in 2015

Tim Greene | March 11, 2015
One common thread is helping to make detection and remediation easier

3. Outlier Security
Headquarters: Zephyr Cove, Nev.
Founded: 2012
Funding: Self-funded
Leaders: CEO Greg Hoglund
Fun fact: The company name comes from its algorithms that look for events that are statistical outliers.

Why we're following it: Outlier's detection and forensic tools are designed to help analysts respond to compromises more quickly, making the analysts more efficient. The system passively analyzes endpoints through data gathered by Windows Network Services and Windows Management Instrumentation and triggers alerts when it detects suspicious behavior. The alerts are accompanied by a compilation of the data that led the platform to conclude there was an intrusion, giving analysts a jump on where to check for compromised machines and figure out what action to take.

4. PFP Cybersecurity
Headquarters: Vienna, Va.
Founded: 2010
Funding: $1 million from Blu Venture Investors and CIT GAP Fund.
Leaders: Executive Chairman Steven Chen, President Jeffrey H. Reed, CTO Carlos R. Aguayo 
Fun fact: The technology comes from research at Virginia Tech funded by the Department of Defense, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security that sought a way to identify whether software-defined radios have unauthorized software running on them

Why we're following it: PFP's system monitors CPUs to establish baseline radio-frequency activity when devices are known to be performing legitimate tasks. Its analysis engine can detect anomalies from that baseline that indicate the device is running unauthorized processes that could indicate a breach. Its reliance on hardware cues and its physical separation from the devices it monitors make it difficult for attackers to circumvent. It can be used to detect infections on devices delivered from the factory as well as those in the field.

5. Resolution1 Security
Headquarters: Menlo Park
Founded: 2014
Funding: Resolution1 Security is a spinout from AccessData Group.
Leaders: CEO Brian Karney, President and COO Craig Carpenter
Fun fact: Chief Security Office Justin Harvey has worked for successful security vendors - FireEye/Mandiant and Hewlett-Packard/ArcSight

Why we're following it:
Resolution1's endpoint agent can identify and verify malicious behavior then automate the resolution workflow. It integrates with third-party security systems to validate alerts they send in order to reduce the number of false-positives security teams have to chase down.

6. Secure Channels
Headquarters: Irvine, Calif.
Founded: 2011
Funding: Private                                              
Leaders: CEO Richard Blech, CTO Robert Coleridge
Fun fact: The company says a supercomputer making 19 quadrillion calculations per second would have to work for about 30 times the age of the universe to crack its encryption.

Why we're following it: Secure Channels offers a platform that enables flexibly encryption parameters that give customers great leeway in determining the strength and complexity of the encryption. Secure Channels' encryption for data at rest or data in motion quickly breaks it in to varying sized chunks and encrypts each chunk with its own key. The technology gives users the option to first encrypt an entire document, then further encrypt that in chunks so that even when a chunk is decrypted, it doesn't appear as plain text. Its encryption schemes work with whatever encryption algorithms a business has on hand. The software runs entirely in RAM and randomizes its use of processor clock cycles to disguise patterns in the underlying data.


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