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10 security startups to watch in 2015

Tim Greene | March 11, 2015
One common thread is helping to make detection and remediation easier

7. Sentrix
Headquarters: Waltham, Mass., and Kfar Neter, Israel
Founded: 2011
Funding: $6 million Magma Venture Partners and Cedar Fund
Leaders: CEO Ofer Wolf, co-founders Israel Barak (GM Sentrix Americas) and Nimrod Luria (CTO)
Fun fact: The company started life under the name Foresight.

Why we're following it: Sentrix mirrors customers' websites in Amazon Web Services and Azure clouds where it dynamically expands site resources during distributed denial-of-service attacks to keep the sites running until attackers exhaust their resources, give up or move on to easier targets. Data requests that get delivered to customers' actual Web server back-ends are limited to those seeking the business-logic of the sites, not static content. This is a unique service that supplements other defenses and can keep sites up and running during a range of attack types including distributed denial-of-service, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, SQL injection and website defacement.

8. Swimlane
Headquarters: Tempe, Ariz.
Founded: 2014
Funding: Private
Leaders: CEO Cody Cornell and COO Brian Kafenbaum
Fun fact: The name Swimlane comes from a term used in security operations centers meaning a person's area of responsibility.

Why we're following it: Swimlane makes it simpler to gather data from its customers' various security platforms, evaluate alerts and automate responses and puts all this in the context of faster response time and saving money. It gives each customer flexibility in what security platforms it deploys and reduces the time analysts have to spend figuring out what the current threat is. While other startups may have more money and bigger names, Swimlane is trying to address a real problem expressed by specific customers, which could be a recipe for success.

9. Tempered Networks
Headquarters: Seattle
Founded: 2014
Funding: $15 million from Ignition Partners and IDG Ventures plus $7 million from angels
Leaders: President and CEO Jeff Hussey (founder of F5 Networks), CTO David Mattes
Fun fact: Tempered's technology stems from a project at Boeing to secure its manufacturing systems.

Why we're following it: Tempered's appliances can create multiple overlay networks within existing network infrastructure, securing traffic in each from all the others, giving businesses the capability to isolate sensitive devices from the Internet, for example, without having to re-architect the entire network. Its founders, Hussey and Mattes, have impressive credentials and have attracted investments of credible venture capital firms.

10. TrustPipe
Headquarters: Healdsburg, Calif.
Founded: 2011
Funding: Private                              
Leaders: CEO Ridgely Evers, Chief Scientist Kanen Flowers
Fun fact: Evers and Flowers have worked together three times before at nCircle, kozoru and Inquisit.

Why we're following it: The company uses patented technology to create lightweight malware markers called behavior expressions that can detect all known attacks using a relatively small library of these markers as opposed to traditional signature libraries. For example, it says it can identify all known viruses using just 14 sets of behavior expressions. The company claims that in two years of testing attackers have never been able to compromise its platform protects. It can protect systems against attacks trying to exploit newly found vulnerabilities, so the company has issued its first version for Windows XP machines, which Microsoft no longer patches. It plans to support other Windows operating systems, Linux and Macs by the end of 2015.


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