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7 essentials for defending against DDoS attacks

George V. Hulme | June 17, 2013
You don't have to be a bank to be worried about being hit by a Distributed-Denial-of-Service attack these days. With hackers who pull off these costly take downs getting stealthier and more vicious, security leaders across all industries need heed these tips to be prepared.

Watch out for secondary attacks
As costly as these attacks can be, they may sometimes be little more than a distraction to provide cover for an even more nefarious attack.

"DDoS can be a diversion tactic for more serious attacks coming in from another direction. Banks need to be aware that they have to not only be monitoring for and defending the DDoS attack, but they also have to have an eye on the notion that the DDoS may only be one aspect of a multifaceted attack, perhaps to steal account or other sensitive information," Price says.

Be worried, even if you're not a bank
Although recent attacks have been concentrated on financial institutions, experts are concerned about industry crossover.

"We don't want to see this level of attacks cross over into healthcare and other industry segments. They're not as well equipped because they don't necessarily consider themselves a target," says Bolstridge. "It'd be some good news if others looked at this as a wake-up call and took a good assessment of their risk."

Sharing information is an essential part of that.

"The attackers certainly share their information with each other. And really, only the first attacker has to be smart. Beyond that its just implementing software for everyone," he says.

The good guys should take a page from that playbook.


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