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Battling cyberattacks with bombs?

Rob Enderle | Jan. 25, 2016
Columnist Rob Enderle says a recent data breach investigation report should have you rethinking your cybersecurity strategies. Here’s why you may want to buy a bunker.

Kinetic threat response

Johnathan shared one of the things that most concerned him and he kind of scared the crap out of me. The U.S. has approved a kinetic response to a cyberattack. This is a nice way of saying that if they find a server that is the source of a cyberattack they can task a drone with a missile or bomb to take it out.

Once one country puts in place a rule like this it isn’t unusual for other countries to copy the rule particularly after some business inside their boarders has been bombed. A third-party wanting to disrupt a country or a company now has an additional incentive to take over a server so the U.S., or some other country with this rule, can terminate with prejudice that site.  

While I doubt this will happen on the continental U.S. anytime soon, foreign offices could become vulnerable and this suggests that it would be advisable not to have servers that could be compromised where a lot of employees also reside. It certainly makes cloud services substantially more attractive particularly if they are replacing vulnerable servers anywhere near your office.

Time to buy a bunker

The world is quickly becoming more dangerous. When we begin talking about the legal use of bombs to address cyberattacks, which could be targeted at your own foreign offices, the requirement to assure your cities are secure has gone up astronomically. The fact that we could reduce our exposure by implementing a readily available technology that firms commonly buy but do not implement suggests we have a big wakeup call coming. The reality that many firms appear to be waiting for a Sony-like event before they fix these problems should scare you as much as it does me.  

In any case, take the time to review the report, I bet it changes some of your priorities like it changed mine. (Buying a bunker has moved up on my to-do list).  


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