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Being Julie Amero

Robert McMillan | Nov. 27, 2008
If there's a poster child for the dangers of spyware, it's Julie Amero.

IDGNS: Do you feel that there are probably other people in your position?

Amero: I suppose there are; you just don't hear about it.

IDGNS: Do you see yourself ever working again?

Amero: I don't know if it will ever happen. At this time, I don't think straight. I put my hand in a wood splitter last month. I was really upset and all this stuff was going on and I wasn't paying attention. I ended up getting 14 stitches put in my finger.

IDGNS: What do you think about computers?

Amero: I don't touch them except for e-mail.

IDGNS: So you don't use the Web?

Amero: I don't want to touch it. I just don't like it (laughs). I just don't do anything with it.

IDGNS: Why do you think prosecutors didn't back off and just drop the case?

Amero: I don't know. I think they wanted their pound of flesh because all these people in the world came to my defense. They thought they had a crack case, 40 years in jail, make a name for themselves, another notch in their belt.

And somebody, my shining star, said 'No way.'


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