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Big Data offers means to combat health care hacker attacks

John P. Mello | Nov. 26, 2013
Despite the aggressive efforts of government regulators, the health care industry's reputation for security hasn't been stellar.

As with many new technologies, big data's current abilities to protect a health care organization's information from digital desperadoes can be exaggerated. "Big data solving security problems is a very much over-hyped term," Pescatore of SANS said. "Big data tools are useful for finding out where you went wrong, finding the paths of an attack that succeeded, but we're not seeing big data tools prevent attacks."

Nevertheless, those tools can increase the reaction time of an organization when it is attacked. "Security analytic tools can be used to more quickly notice the signs of a potential compromise and limit the damage from an attack," Pescatore added. "Rather than find out from a customer that your system has been compromised for six months, you can see a warning that an MRI machine is talking to the Internet and it never did that before."


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