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Cybercrime: Much more organised

Taylor Armerding | June 24, 2015
Cybercrime offers the potential for immense profits. So it is no surprise that the digital "mob" has moved into the space. According to some experts, there is no such thing as “disorganised cybercrime” any more

How to confront and defend against the organization and sophistication of organized cybercrime is a matter of continuing discussion.

President Obama, in February, issued an executive order on information sharing between the private and public sectors, calling it, "an essential element of cybersecurity."

Many experts, like Anderson, agree. "Those in law enforcement, security vendors and businesses need to share information about the attacker's tools, tactics and procedures as quickly as possible and collaborate like our adversaries are doing," he said.

Lindner also agreed that, "if you share information about bad stuff, you can defend it better."

But he said the problem is more complex. "Let's pretend I know that this IP address is bad," he said. "Now I'm being asked to share it. But if I don't know who I'm really giving it to and how well they can protect it, I don't know if it will get exposed.

"I also don't know if you have the tools to take advantage of what I just gave you. So those are big questions," he said.

Lindner said other problems need to be addressed first. "Before we worry about sharing, we need to work on best practices and better architecture, to make it difficult for attackers," he said.

"And we also need to educate the human on the value of information. Younger generations have a different sensitivity to privacy than those of us who are older."


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