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FireEye has disrupted the security landscape for protection against next-gen threats: Ashar Aziz

Yogesh Gupta | Dec. 5, 2013
During his recent visit to India, Ashar Aziz, founder of security vendor FireEye, spoke extensively to CIO Magazine on why it has now become imperative for Indian CISOs to align with their company's vision to fight next-generation threats.

Is sandboxing just a technology term hyped by most security vendors?We have brought a whole new dimension of analysis capability into the enterprise network through virtual execution. Our multi-vector virtual execution (MVX) engine is the core platform which is again unique to us. Sandboxing is actually a misnomer. Multi-vector execution is the right word to describe it, and FireEye is the only company delivering protections against multiple vectors of attack of file, Web, e-mail, and mobile. And you need to virtually execute all of it.India Inc. seems quite incredulous to invest a chunk of their IT budgets in security solutions to counter next-generation threats. What's your take on this state of affairs?I think the Indian market is catching up very fast because the kind of threats in the U.S. and Japan, for example, are looming large here too. The same kind of nation state attacks and same kind of cyber criminals are accessing important financial information here. It is a target-rich environment and is not immune to the threat landscape. If they (Indian organizations) want to upgrade their security architecture, they need to relook the threat landscape and take into account the next-generation threats.

India has proven to be a rich ground for product development for many companies. Is FireEye working on the same line? We are definitely leveraging the technical skill set available in India as we have launched an R&D centre in Bangalore. The R&D experts here will work on existing products, and also play an important role in design/development of new product offerings. The plan is to invest $40 to 50 million for R&D in India over the next 5 years.To sum up, could you please list FireEye's top priorities for 2013?

Awareness and education in target markets with respect to threats is of high priority. If CISOs in India understand the threat landscape, it will become a key priority for them. Secondly, we want to build a distribution ecosystem, and work with partners to cover the country. As the first real year for FireEye in India, we want to have a critical installed base of reference customers for a much better follow-up year ahead.


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