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Hackers meet professor's challenge to pen test his online world

Taylor Armerding | Dec. 5, 2013
An NYU professor challenged a team of hackers to break into his online world. They did, but it was not easy or cheap

And what about protecting all those sensitive documents, like Penenberg's W2s and bank statements?

Start with encryption, encryption, encryption. "Strong encryption and properly managed keys enable people to keep sensitive e-documents on their computers," said Paige Leidig, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at CipherCloud.

To that, Deena Coffman recommends another layer. "Keep them on an external hard drive, encrypted," she said.

Picchioni and Arlen agree. "Not everything needs to be stored on a running computer," Arlen said. "It is perfectly reasonable to store things like that off-line, on a USB key or in an encrypted container that does not auto-mount."

Picchioni suggests multiple flash drives, with backups, that are kept in a safe or lockbox. "Think of the way we used to store sensitive records before the digital era," he said. "In this case we don't need to print them; we store them on a device of some sort."


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