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IBM Security's new signal caller announces a West Coast offense

Steve Morgan | Dec. 10, 2015
Marc van Zadelhoff has an exciting new strategy for IBM Security.

Van Zadelhoff looks very sharp this week, and he is delivering a crisp message to the cyber community. “We need to remember that 80% of cybercrime is committed by highly organized gangs that are sharing data and applications” says van Zadelhoff. “Unfortunately, sharing is not happening at the same scale between the good guys looking to defend themselves against attacks.”

Early indications suggest his message is being well received. An impressive group of IBM Security partners have already developed dozens of apps for the App Exchange... and more are in the works.

According to industry researchers, the worldwide cybersecurity market is estimated to grow from $77 billion in 2015 to $170 billion by 2020. That means $100 billion is up for grabs over the next five years. IBM does not have the luxury of time when you consider its 14 consecutive quarters of sales declines as the company struggles to transition from legacy mainframe hardware and consulting services to its next generation businesses. It will be interesting to see if van Zadelhoff can run a hurry-up offense and keep scoring with new partners. Some of those partners could wind up as acquisition targets --- and acquisitions may prove to be the straightest path to putting another zero at the end of IBM Security's annual revenue figures.

A short apology here from the author. If you aren't a football fan and couldn't completely follow - I'm sorry. But I couldn't resist.


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