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Managing information security during an innovation void

Peter Kuper | Jan. 13, 2012
In 2012 we will see an increase in network intrusions from disparate parties trying to create IT infrastructure chaos for a variety of reasons primarily political, financial and economic.

Be the investor! Stop looking for vendors and start looking for partners. Why wait to hear about the coolest thing when you can help create it and have a stake in its success? While the "cloud" may bring even more security problems, it also provides startups with an incredibly cheap and scalable resource for developing and supporting the innovations helping offset some of the reduced capital investment currently available.

Be the innovator! Look for ways to augment existing tools and make them run more efficiently. Innovation begins at home.

Be the stakeholder! Dont look for a quick fix, look for a solution. A leaky boat can be patched only so many times before a full-dry-dock rebuild is required. Too many companies look only to the current quarter as a success measure but security is a process, not a product. Getting senior management on board may be the biggest challenge.

The innovation void is real and it will grow in severity and pose a major threat to all of information security if we wait for others to correct the problem. There is no magic fix or killer app coming this time. We will overcome this issue only with creative thinking and true leadership. We need to look within our own ranks. The innovation void can be closed by information security professionals willing to seize the initiative.


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