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Most corporate network devices carry known security vulnerability

Anuradha Shukla | May 26, 2011
Findings from a new research report by Dimension Data.

Organisations worldwide are not keeping up with new security threats, according to a new research report by the global specialist IT services and solutions provider Dimension Data.

Findings of the report 'The Network Barometer Report 2011' indicate that more than 73 per cent of corporate network devices analysed by Dimension Data during 2010 were carrying at least one known security vulnerability.

This figure has increased dramatically because in 2009 it was 38 per cent. Analysts attribute this increase to a single higher risk vulnerability - PSIRT 109444A. This risk was identified by Cisco in September 2009, and is now found in about 66 per cent of all devices.

Because the other vulnerabilities- total four - were found in less than 20 per cent of all devices, the research firm says companies are trying to improve in terms of remediation.

Incomplete visibility of technology estates

Data for the Network Barometer Report 2011 was collected from 270 Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) Assessments conducted for organisations of all sizes across all industry sectors.

The findings show that many organisations show inconsistent and incomplete visibility of their technology estates.

"In fact, previous research not related to the Network Barometer Report carried out by Dimension Data found that clients are unaware of as much as 25 per cent of their networking devices," said Matthew Gyde, general manager for network integration, Dimension Data Asia Pacific.

Dimension Data emphasises that organisations should know where the assets are, what they do, and what the implications are when any one of them breaks and can't be supported.

This goal can be achieved if companies have visibility into the lifecycle status of their assets. 


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