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New attack vectors in Greater China: TippingPoint

Carol Ko | May 26, 2009
The highest number of attacks from Hong Kong on a single day in the past three months had picked up to 70,000 filter hits

HONG KONG, 26 MAY 2009 The US-based network security solutions provider TippingPoint ThreatLinQ has uncovered a significant amount of data on the state of network security in China, including:

•    The highest number of attacks originating from Hong Kong in the last 90 days was on 12 February with more than 70,000 filter hits picked up; 11 April saw 32,000 hits. New attack vectors mean that customers need to be more vigilant than ever. Vulnerabilities are exploited by SQL injection attacks and viruses can now spread via USB devices and social networking sites.

•    Scammers working in the business of distributing fake malware and detection software operate like a genuine sales organisation with incentives and commission. In a recent example linked to Conficker, top earners could make US$330,000 per month and compete for the top prize of a Lexus.

•    The list of top countries with attacks over the last 30 days shows how prevalent the problem is in this region China had 16.9 million filter hits (this means TippingPoint's Intrusion Prevention System field boxes have been hit 16.9 million times by China-based attacks), Thailand had 4.32 million and the US, 800,000.


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