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New resources for security complacent Asia

Ross O. Storey | Nov. 12, 2009
MIS Asia editor Ross O. Storey spoke to Ng Fook Seng, Gemaltos senior vice president, security business Asia, about the firms Asia expansion plans.

By expanding Gemaltos Channel Partner Network to Asia, we hope to share our expertise to help our customers build business opportunities and leverage worldwide technical and business experience to cater to their specific needs.

What specific digital security challenges does Asia face compared to other regions? What are key areas of vulnerability here?

From phishing, identity thefts to hacking, security threats are imminent as the frequency of digital transactions grows in our daily lives.

The level of digital security implementation in Asia varies from country to country.  More advanced countries such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Australia would see the need and importance of implementing digital security in government, finance and banking and enterprise segment.

In general, the key challenge over here is common complacency about Internet security. Peoples perceptions, concerns and needs are directly influenced by cultural norms. As companies and consumers alike become more reliant on the digital world, they will need better security education to understand the severity of cyber fraud, and therefore take necessary steps to protect their data.

The global success rate of phishing attack is usually around three per cent. Taking Australia as an example, they have seven million online banking users, which means potentially 210,000 Australian bank accounts can be stolen. If each of them loses A$1,000 in the account, that will amount to a total of A$210 million (US$195 million).

With Gemaltos products and solutions by their side, companies can leverage digital technology to its maximum potential and enhance end-consumer convenience.

How do you see the outlook for Gemaltos business in SIM cards, smart cards, e-passports, in Asia in 2009 and which do you expect to be the highest growth areas?

I am definitely optimistic about the outlook for our business in these areas.

Asia is the hot region for phishing attacks. The probability that a website from a certain country has a phishing hit between 2004 and 2008 in some ASEAN members: Malaysia (1/78), Vietnam (1/81), Taiwan (1/95), Indonesia (1/99), Philippines (1/111).

With the market facing constant digital security security threats, coupled with a fast growing adoption for online banking more than 25 per cent of retail customers are banking online, and there is a +21 per cent annual average growth of active e-banking users Gemalto is certainly ready to work hard and furiously to combat security threats and help our customers stay ahead in the game.

IDC estimates that the growth of the IAM Asia Pacific market through 2012 will reach 996 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.3 per cent.  This is especially true as regulatory compliance demands such as SOX, PCI, HIPPA are increasing worldwide and to meet much of these criteria, companies must implement IAM architectures. The need for IAM protection will increase over the next several years as legislation tightens.


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