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Russian spy ring needed some serious IT help

Tim Greene | July 1, 2010
The Russian ring charged this week with spying on the United States faced some of the common security problems that plague many companies

That was last Saturday. The same day in Washington, D.C., a second undercover U.S. agent -- UC-2 -- met with another suspected Russian spy -- SEMENKO -- and discussed his experience with ad hoc wireless networking. "SEMENKO responded that he wanted UC-2 to "figure out" the problems with the communications via the private wireless network."

Earlier, in describing his reaction to a successful wireless transfer, SEMENKO said he was, "like … totally happy."

The spies also used radiograms to communicate -- with messages being sent over short-wave frequencies in cipher and then decoded using a key written by hand in a spiral notebook U.S. officials found during a search of a suspect's home.

Audio recordings in one spy suspect's home picked up his voice saying: "I am going to write in invisible," referring to a message he planned to send to Russian officials in South America.


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